March 4, 2010
She is a dreamer.
With eyes so dark
People think they are black.
A lover, not a fighter.
But she will defend
What she loves.
She waits with blind hope,
That her prince will come.
She can hold a grudge.
Words are her friend,
But also her enemy.
Because she knows from experience
Once they are said,
They cannot be taken back.
Believes in learning from the past,
So she can have a better future.
She wants to be perfect,
But knows she cannot.
She fears failure more than anything.
Believes in God,
More than she believes in anything,
Or anyone else.
People love her,
And she can’t figure out why.
She wants to breathe life
Into a dead world.
With every breath,
Her heart hurts,
From memories of loss and hate.
She tries to live in the moment,
Because that is all life is.
A series of moments,
Strung together to create a lifetime.
Her lifetime.

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