Escaping Death in a Chariot of Fire

March 4, 2010
By DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
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Armageddon is closing in, only moments left, only moments.
I see the sun falling behind the mist, the blue sky closing like a fist
The air is getting colder, this hope we possess is growing older
Death is riding down from above with a sword raised high
Its vaporous arms spread wide like fire from the sky
White clouds turn to black, mountains begin to fall
The world begins to tremble as death gives his all
But let our resistance prevail, a last stand through the hail
We shall move quietly and with haste
For rider on the pale horse will be the toughest we’ve faced
But listen to me now as we take our rest,
Ill show you the way to prove your faith to the one who’s blessed
And deliver the final blow in this bitter contest

With the finale of our lives soaring onward
I write down these words on the page, this is ours
Our corollary that brings the haze which blackens the hours
This is your last chance to yield, to the hallowed liberator who sits divine
Residing upon the sacred throne sanctified and sublime.
Sign the armistice between the world and your soul before the end of time
An epilogue that yells to you, save yourself while the storm is young
It’s a final cry on this earth but a key to eternal breathe in your lungs
So surrender, my son, my daughters. Surrender

Rain begins to drip down, staining my words like blood
They swirl into a river and seep down like a flood
I write the last word and pass the scroll to those behind me
Hoping they will see that although my voice is forlorn my faith still reigns
And if my lungs allowed me to speak, I would sing till nothing else remains
So as my world crashes over, my legs do not detest
They are relieved to finally be laid to rest
For this cold, cruel world is not my home
The flooded ground I stand upon is not my own
Nor the obsidian thorns that stab our hands to be eternally sown
You strike the lighting in my heart that keeps the beat
Now that my thunder has halted in place I know I don’t have to die alone
You stand beside me upon your radiant throne
And whisper to me softly, “Rest easy son, your coming home.”
With a smile I breathe my last breath
And lay my weary head upon the cryptic stone
Riding in a chariot of fire I tell of the love he’s shown
I sing to the luminous figures steering the reigns of their flaming steeds
As we soar across the clouds into a world formerly unknown
The wind sweeping us away like a cyclone
I say goodbye to earth and the scars carved upon my arms
Forgetting the world and its greatest charms
Into the shining gates we fly like eagles ablaze.
Leaving behind a desolation shielded by a fiery haze
My destination impervious the numbering of days
But looking back I realize life was just another phase
A moment there and a moment gone
My mind begins to wonder as we break into the gleaming dawn
If my time was spent on leading the lost to life redrawn
I see all my years sold to self content flash before my eyes
And I yell to the men holding the reins to turn away from the sunrise
“Take me back Im not done yet, I lived a life full of regret”
Our chariot engulfed like a suns fury as we plummet through the sky
The angles wings shining as if they captured a star’s light
My heart begins to soar as I lift my once weary arms high
At last I see into my people’s eyes, thanking the Lord for my gracious reprise
Now I know what I must live for, my mission is clear
Ill keep this chariot burning in my heart; ill strive through the flames without fear
Ill set forth on a voyage to every end of the earth
My heart prevailing against the wrathful waves of the sea
Ill loosen the chains around your hands and feet to set you free
Preaching strong in front of the world for all to follow me
So I can lead you to the chariot and ask you to climb aboard
The redeemer taking ahold of the reins, for only he carries freedom’s sword
With you and me as soldiers in his holy army divine
Charging forth to bring all to his sacred design
A war to end all wars, a fight till the last sounding chime
Blessed is he who stands strong till the end of time

And as Armageddon passes us by, I stand by my savior’s side
Watching as he saves the last of mankind
I take a sign of relief, for this time I have nothing to hide
The Lord cast death from the sky, proving even he could die
He will soon create the world anew, preparing to live forever with me and you
No greater glory is there than this, for the gracious redeemer exists

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