Contamination by Acts of Man

March 4, 2010
By DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
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It’s a wonder we’re still breathing
Still living here, in this miserable, forsaken world
Wicked indiscretions lingering at every corner. It’s overwhelming
This earth is covered with the smog of our transgression.
Its beauty ruined by the taint of civilization. Its virulence staggering
Infectivity exhaling our name with a thunderous roar, “You caused this!”
Its genesis wrought by our own hands. This is our consequence
We covered our own nation with waves and smothered it
And only now do we shed our tears at the damage we’ve caused
Only now are we filled with regret. Only now do we scream help us Lord
How shaded we are. This wrath was cast upon us by our own resolution
The creator did not create simply to destroy
Opportunity for deliverance was set upon us with empathy
Gracious liberation bestowed without fear or favor
But yet we turn our heads and choose to be lavished by worldly satisfaction?
What blasphemy this is in the eyes of the architect
Carved by a divinity, set forth into life as a human race
With arms as vast as the depth of the universe, he sculpted our world
With the flick of his wrist, the foundation for life was created in wonder and beauty
But never could it be complete without the breath of life
Painting an image of himself he molded the first soul and named him after the earth
Brilliance streaming through his veins. Breathing perfection
But in his seamless cerulean eyes there lie a speck of black
And it spread like a terminal malignancy and overcame him
His lack of a purely incorruptible nature was the basis for his demise
It was the serration in his near faultless invulnerability
But being human this natural defect was inexorably certain within him
Neither man nor creature who walks this earth is without moral limitations
No man is without shame, or unreliability. All those fall short of glory
As the genesis of man collapsed, their paradise was reduced to rubble
Only the dust of the ground left to build their homes on
The world became clouded with iniquity, a decadent cloak masquerading what lie beneath
Sin was previously aberrant amongst them but now it was thriving
All caused by a single lapse in mans judgment
Now men will toss stones at one another, impartial to one another’s welfare
Fire will stream down from the sky and scold those beneath
A flame burning them for their harmonious contention in material fulfillment
Our impurity caused this, our pathetic failure to simply abide by the laws of nature
Therefore do not blame your despair on the architect
He merely sculpted the building, we destroyed it
The smog from our sinful hearts is the reason the sun never shines
Silently the earth is decaying and in our current state we are hopeless to stop it
For the jagged wind cascades up through our hollow souls like a vaporous aura
And we are swept away to never remember the ground beneath
It was meant for us, to be our foundation and nobility
And yet we’d rather fly high and live our lives strictly for the adventure
But the sovereign can spread his wings like an eagle and fly right beside us
Whoever said lying under the shadow of the emancipator was dreary?
His grandeur stretches to the sky and hovers above us with dignity
If his domain lives above why stain his silver with our black?
In his eyes he understands but still does not accept
Why would we desire to disgrace such sterling radiance?
If you could hold the sun in your hands would you toss it in a stream?
Certainly not, for your actions would be in vain
Yet we hold the redeemers equivalent in our hearts and still corrode it
If you possessed the cure to a virulent disease would you keep it to yourself?
In no means, you would use to save the lives of your own kind
In the same way when you hold the key to deliverance in your heart,
Why not let the nations know of your infinite, vital discovery?
Spread your conquest, it’s the only way to prevail in this war
It’s the only way this nation will see the sun again
Nothing you could ever do will ever be enough to save you
So set your harrowing pride aside and focus on the horizon
And when your hearts true tell me if you don’t see a light
You’ll see a sun emerging from the shadow of the storm
No longer will you lie beneath the barricade
Our purity will being renewal to the shattered souls of the earth
And the world will stand strong again. The tide will rise
No longer will we walk lost between the blameless and insincere
Beauty will come riding on a white stallion enveloped in flames
And we will ascend to the sky and never have to struggle to breathe
The smoke that covered our lungs will be cleansed
We’ll finally see the light of day again. This day will be our vindication
From the boundaries of this miserable, forsaken world
Believe the tide can rise and lift us high
Or watch the world crumble right before your eyes

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