Expectations of Ascension, Explosions of Declination

March 4, 2010
By DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
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….A part of me slowly died those months as I realized the maze I had traveled through was a dead end. I dug my grave for days without an end preparing to forget you, but then you came with roses expecting them not to be dead in my eyes. I told you, they will come back to life, but only with time. Only with time… This is a story told through the eyes of a cynic, lined with a bittersweet longing for optimism that is presently unattainable…

Here begins a sunrise

The air is unsullied, a pristine abandonment
It’s a civilization consisting of the inherent
Where the calming tune of the wind breathes into my soul
bringing forth a solidity unscathed by malevolence.
The genesis of my contentment

Here begins midday

The air is encumbering, a mounting struggle
It’s a nation consisting of the belligerent
Where the bestial minds of the martial tear into my heart
casting upon me a bittersweet battle fought within
The commencement of my exodus

Here begins a sunset

The air is downcast, an aimless endeavor
It’s a legion consisting of the crestfallen
Where the spiteful cries of the unsolicited linger in my conscious
permitting entrance a disconsolate pleading to above
The trough of my existence

Here begins a night

The air is ambiguous, a fogged window
It’s a tribe consisting of the mislaid
Where the doleful vagrant drifts alongside my shadow
guiding my spirit down an overlapping path with converging ends
The oblivion of my voyage

Here begins a renovation

The air is foreign, an untried apprentice
It’s a multitude consisting of the inept
Where the baffled rely upon the inmost reservoir of my strength
twisting in circles wavering between directions
The uncertainty of myself

Here begins an awakening

…I’ve realized the part of me whose demise was an unsettling wave to upturn my buoyancy and watch me descend was not merely a hollow struggle and a trivial death, but a sign on the roadside of life with a purpose. For what admirable heart strives for the greater but when facing defeat settles for the less? You have shown me, if fate tells of equivalency in the outcome of my undertakings until the drum stops beating, then the battle shall rage until dust is to dust, and my breath is silent…

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