A Grand Devastation, a Grand Finale

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

There's no time to lose, come by my side
I’ll find you a place to hide
The air is getting colder. I look up to the sky see death
It’s riding down from above with a sword raised ready to bring destruction
Its vaporous arms spread wide in a colossal haze
White clouds turn to black; a storm is coming
I promise you, take my hand, and I’ll shield you from the rain

The hail begins to fall, a thousand frozen stones wrap around me
I feel the earth begin to shake but I will not find shelter
Ill hold your hand here even if the sky rains mountains
Nothing will separate this embrace not even the wrath of the sea
With its waves towering higher than the hills roaring in supremacy
So If I die today I tell you there’s no place ill rather be
Than here holding you beneath the fury of this downpour
I am not afraid, I will not be afraid. Stand back raging earth
Your wrath does not stir me; your anger does not incite me
For I strive in comfort as you bring death upon me with a heartless soul
I will die with a smile if that is my fortune, for I have lived a lifetime
With the one glance in the eyes of the one I hold
Every degree of happiness I need, I have found in her heart
There’s nothing you can take away from me, oh mighty death
Wrap your vaporous arms around me and see if I do not concede
Send your vicious hail and raging waves crashing down upon me
For every breath I’ve taken, the air I am about to breathe is all I need
This air that inhabits us together is a whirlwind that sweeps me away
And bravely leads every ounce of turmoil to the end of the earth
I will stand with my heart wide open ready to the shadows to cover
And send me into the dark sea until I find the shore
Where the lighthouse lays with its operator, the grand originator and maker
Of in my eyes the greatest earthy beauty which I hold in my arms in this last hour
This grand finale resonates through the clouds and takes hold of the sun
The clouds break and a light shines though encircling us before our legs give way
I hear from the heavens, come home dear children. And we surrender
Surrender our hearts, our love, and our essence to the sky
Here we stand together, never afraid to die. For this life is merely a road
Leading us to a home where we will live without fear. Without affliction
Why would I stand in the face of death and fall to my knees
When together we will stand as time fades into the light of adulation
So when I took your hand and told you please do not be afraid
I meant this not because I was sure I could stand strong through the hail
Not that I had confidence my strength would prevail against the rage
I knew no matter if the earth erupted in flames, if the rain covered the mountains
If death was our fortune, I would hold you again the face of a glorious dawn
Where no storm can take us away from the hand of eternity
So lift your hands with me and we will yield this life
And have a grand finale together in the midst of this grand devastation

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