On Life's Dawn and the Rising of Midday

March 4, 2010
By DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
DaveyPhillips SILVER, Chelsea, Alabama
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Existence begins with an aging of body and mind
Experiment with sin, the tears shed amidst punishment
An encounter with the commencing concepts of love
Occurring at the dawn of adolescence

A life such as this is peace
A passive diplomacy, ruled with a smile
Years ago when this heart was content
By long walks and long talks
By letters sent when authority struck the gavel
No conflict of this heart, only gratification of a soul
Which forever merits the one who gave
An ideal ally in the midst of confrontation
With an endless maze of tribulation that is life

An experience with the adversity of heartbreak
A forsaking of the path, a longing to end life
Death of a longing, demise of contentment
Due to a loss of love and self-worth

A life such as this is war
Battles within, veiled with a smile
Sustaining those near with pretense
For spans of time enough for cliffsides to corrode
For its sand to be carried fathoms far and wide
For the sun to lift its surroundings closer by its side
It was a thousand words choosing to hide
Under a suppressing structure of serenity
That was nothing but a masquerade

A trio of years passed since the rise of despondency
A craving for change, a journey seeking absolution
Observation of a shifting current in this river flowing downhill
Thanks to the appearance of a catalyst to renovation

A life such as this is retribution
Winds of change, received with caution
Perceived by a fear of flaws and deficiency
That covers this heart, that governs this reality
Another battle within, consuming my mind
Desperately fighting with a passion unfelt
For with victory comes reprisal
With triumph comes a filling of the void
That has eroded the foundation beneath

A story that has yet to end, hopefully yet to begin
A realization that this heart can be whole
A struggle with acceptance of its sacrifice
For sacrifice is a child of love, a testament to loves existence
A life lived captive to war, is a life lived today
It’s a clash against what is fleeting and what is forever
It’s a journey to win the loyalty of her heart and soul
For with her comes liberation, and the death of this war

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