" The Aspirations Of Paul Lovely"

March 4, 2010
He is calm,
In a sense with his great ability to make you fall in love
with his personality
He is wise,
With his words of wisdom
And his choice of love precaution
With the ability of his creativity,
He can draw you out a map that leads you out of sin city
He climbs the mountain with dignity
Now he knows he's captured power,
He has the mind of a genius
He's incomparable to minds of a regular human being
He has a state of mind,
Where he trust's nobody
But to come to a dividing horizon,
He has let me in
But he is still a mystery to me
All the pieces fell apart
Although his eyes were still glistening
You always leave me in confusion
Why do you do this to me, Paul?
You're leading the stars tonight
But will i be able to follow them?
I still can't figure you out
Is this what you call love?
Heart-racing,tongue-tied,heart-dropping, kind of love?
I'm dying to figure out what's running through your mind
when i touch your hand
Do you have loss for words?
Maybe this is our chance for love in advance

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