“ In Royal Discrete”

March 4, 2010
I saw the pretty color in her eyes,
Mesmerized, by her touch
And the way she was upbrought
Had my mind up in a rut,
With my feelings in the dust,
She touched me,
word by word, magically
and instantly,
Her eyes reflected mine, gracefully

Like the image in the window,
Something beautiful
Something I could capture in my heart
She must've been something delusional,
Something that would instantly,
Tear my soul apart

But still, she delivers me from hell
With an imagination that excels
Sending me definitons that were
written in the well
Of a love that was pure,
of its highness,and its majesty,
Still waiting at the door

Her fabric, lays at the footsteps,
Meeting my legs,
and touching my fingertips
I felt it,
For just one second,
and when she took a breath,
It almost felt like heaven

She struck me,
like the pages in a novel,
She left my hopes hanging,
Empty in the bottle,
and yet, I let my selfish conscience unravel,
When I shatter this empty bottle,
Waiting for her words to enter my aural
Cause her sense of beauty
Has flown right through me
Leaving unread messages,
To solve her equation, eagerly

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Blanky! said...
Mar. 22, 2010 at 11:37 pm
lovely words from a lovely mind ;)
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