City Planning

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

On my great grandma’s centennial birthday
I decided to comply and fly down for one day
She lives in New Orleans
Still recovering from the flood
The demolition
Defaced property
This once diversified city now a wreck
Every duct
Every pipe
Had spray painted words on it
“Save this city”
They all yelled
The frontage of every property ruined
The homogenous homes reduced to debris
All the mortar that held the bricks together
Now set free
The municipal hospital filled with patients
City ordinance saying for the people to be patient
This plight is getting worse
There is little progression
We need to reorganize one said
This city is spiraling out of control another said
The urban areas now a desert town
Veranda’s now gone
A city once so full of life
Now dead

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