March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Medicine make it ok.
Cause he's not here to hold me 
and whisper in my ear thoses words I so despratily need to hear.

Would you take this pain away; 
this empty void in my soul 
where he used to go, 
to hold me tight through the night 
And make things alright.

I won't lose this fight
I'll stay strong 
With the fire of our love as my light

They can't tell us who to love.
They can't tell us who to like.
They're wrong. 
We're right.
And though we're years from winning the fight
Our love is true  
And soon I'll be with you 
But until then, 
Remember, I love you.

And medicine,
Please make it ok.

The author's comments:
Another poem to my love Jordan:) I know he's not able to show me his love all the time but I know how much he loves me just by how he smiles at me!

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