Nothing Was Ever Meant

March 4, 2010
By Meggles SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
Meggles SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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She's told to live in the lie
In the back of her heart
I watched her trust die
And she drifted apart.
Like the sun would never rise
She felt hope was lost
But no one to chastise
It was at her own cost.
All color leaked through
She was a bleak sight
I'd watch what she'd do
But she put up no fight.
And she only caved in
The worst choice she made
I'll always remember when
Her dreams began to fade.
She was safer secluded
Only to face her own thoughts
Where she wouldnt be deluded
By her heart tied in knots.
She turned her back away
I watched her fall with grace
But there was nothing to say
Because I still see her face.
She made a wall of steel
That held her in center
Where she tries to heal
Who would dare to enter.
And then I was shown
What I never could see
That girl who's alone
Has always been me

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