What a Wonderful Memory

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The breath
Of your air on my face
On a cold December night
Would make me feel so much better
But those moments are gone
The moments that Id be the one to remember
Like that September afternoon in the park
Yeah I remember, do you?
Of course you don’t
The night has already taken your soul on a flight
On a flight I can’t see
Or hear or- anything
Alcohol took over your life
Mind, wisdom, love
No more were you the person I loved
Done and gone for
You went on to other things
That I sure didn’t want to get involved with
And you see where that got you, didn’t you
Dead and gone
Along with the other two that you took with you
At least they were almost at their end of their days
Having already lived their lives throughout every twist and turn
But you weren’t done with life yet
You were right on your way to something amazing
And poof,
You blew it
Because you made the wrong choice
Now all I have left of you
Is your heavy breath on mine
Your arms locked hard on mine
Air dripping with alcohol
You begging me
Me denying your question
You driving away in a fury taking my mailbox
Your life
And others too
What a wonderful memory

The author's comments:
I just wrote this in a fury, wanting to get a message out. Hope you catch it. (:

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