I Wish I May

March 4, 2010
By TranquilKristen BRONZE, Pratt, Kansas
TranquilKristen BRONZE, Pratt, Kansas
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Each breath breathed means we're alive, and life means that we can find the reasons to keep on getting by and if reasons we can't find we'll make up some to get by 'til breath by breath we'll leave this behind. -- Breathe by Supershick

I wished on a star awhile ago
That you would be mine to have and to hold

I feared that wish would never come true,
That some way I would never have you.

One day, I heard three words
It sounded so sweet as if sung by birds.

Our love runs deep through our hearts
There's no way we'll ever fall apart.

You make me so happy, words can't explain
I smile every time I hear your name.

My whole life is in your arms
All I ask is for you to keep me safe and warm.

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