i feel pain

March 4, 2010
By cldh1 SILVER, Kingston, Georgia
cldh1 SILVER, Kingston, Georgia
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i like to write poems

i feel pain it bring me shame inside my mind i want to lift your name on high until the end of time.
i dont have3 to pay a dime to know you.
i dont have to commit a crime for you to be beside me.
i just wish i could go back into time to see beside me.
to see how you died.
because alot of people dont know you.
they lie about you.
they deceive you.
i know that im one of these people to.
thats why i am writing.
because you forgave me forgiven me for these things.
thats why we pray.
thats why we say.
thats why you where crucified for something we did.
we repent to you for our sins.
and ill say that you are mine.

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