unspoken words

March 4, 2010
By TYRON BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
TYRON BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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these words are building up inside
i dnt kno why i cnt say them
everytime i try to say them to you
the words get left behind
these words that are unsaid
should never be left unheard
they should fly like a free bird
instead there locked up in a cage
hide in the dark never to be seen
i hate that i cnt say these words
to someone i truely love
everytime you leave
i feel regret indeed
i need to say these words
to let you kno that i truely care
one day those words will be set free
then you will truely see that i do care for you when i do say these words that are hidden in the dark you will hear my sweet voice say those three precious words tell you that i truely love you

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