March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

i always knew i wouldn’t die in a car accident.

over, and over in my mind i pictured

the breath-gulping jolt, the heart-stopping shudder
the weak, gasping, clawing for control
inside the dark blackness

glass raining down on the innocent planet like butter knives
ecstatically sinking their jagged bodies into the ground, or simply shattering into chunks upon touching

i always knew i wouldn’t die in a car accident.

that my neck wouldn’t gracefully arch in the wrong direction
that it wouldn’t snap like
…a wishbone

i knew i wasn’t destined
to open my confused eyes in such an unknowing way that i would see my unfulfilled life wander past me in the flash of a moment

oh no, oh no

i always, always knew i wouldn’t die in a car accident.

the smell of startled asphalt, the screech and cry of protesting tires, the stuttering of my red leather seats, the cacophony of worried, puzzled thoughts and the unattached, curious gazes from untouched onlookers that would then go about their unfulfilled lives never unforgetting and the whiz of passing, unharmed automobiles

i would never experience the touch of crude, busy hands from those who make it their unfulfilled life’s work to recover the unrecoverable, to correct the uncorrectable, to save the unsavable, and to cure the uncureable

to stop the unwavering tide of death

yes death
that one single bright shining light in each of our lives that is constant and unalterable and unmodifiable

oh yes, i know i won’t die in a car accident.

around me, the sky is an ordinary blue, and birds wail their pure, righteous, unblamable, and unstained ditties

how wondrous…i didn’t realize how high up i am


such along, long, long way down

oh no, oh no

i most surely will never ever die

ina car accident.

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