March 4, 2010
By Bryant Alexander BRONZE, Edgewood, Maryland
Bryant Alexander BRONZE, Edgewood, Maryland
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The pen is mightier than the sword
And knowledge is the greatest strength
Learning everything there is to know and more
Gathering the facts and storing
Them in to the banks of my memory
The text of the wise and stories passed down generations
Will be engraved into my mind
Philosophies and theories will provoke my thoughts
As I attempt to decipher them
I will earn answers, give answers, ask questions, and repeat
The things that haunt my curiosity will become clear
Impossible questions will become possible
If a tree does make a sound in the middle of the forest
And no one is around to here it
Then I will know
Revealing the face of who watches the watchers
Corporate and government secrets will be within my reach
Along with the secrets of humans
To die holding this knowledge and not sharing
Only telling them that I do hold these secrets so that
They will go on their own to find the reachable truths

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