Earn a Title

March 4, 2010
By Bryant Alexander BRONZE, Edgewood, Maryland
Bryant Alexander BRONZE, Edgewood, Maryland
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Earn a title while you’re around
Or just bury an empty casket in the ground [casket?]
Give your life meaning rather than seeming you can’t
Be gleaming
The mourning will stop
Tears will dry
And memories will fade
And the world as always will spin
When I die my tombstone will hold my biography
With my philosophies and all ologies
My remedy will be my memories
I will not live on by my name
But by my title
Cause my memories don’t
They go on like an endless parade
When my title is mentioned all heads turn in attention
Talk of my completed goals, journeys and stories
Will spin around the room like a merry-go-round even
Though I am six feet under the ground
I will not let anyone put a hesitation to my step
As I walk my darkened path to find my place in this world
Live it up, drink it down
A popular term used by those hollowed
And those dumb enough to follow
How can you walk with one destination?
Final destination
Live with a soul and put a flag on the pole
So put my name on a plague
And my title on a tombstone
Because I will live up to my name
And die with my title

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