letting go

March 4, 2010
By britt47 BRONZE, Statesville, North Carolina
britt47 BRONZE, Statesville, North Carolina
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She may have you in her arms tonight
and she may have everything I ever loved
she may kiss you like I used to
She may even feel the magic that I felt
but could she possibly love you as much as I

you promised me so much
and being the person that I am I believed every word
down to the amount of dogs we would have had
down to the chores and the day to day who does what
and baby I thought you'd be my one and only
but you didn't let that happen
and sometimes when I think about it
I wonder did you actually mean a single word
did yo ever really love me
did you think of me every morning and every night
the way that i still think of you

does she do what you do to me
do you watch her as she walks by
do you call her all the things you used to call me
well i hope your happy youve successfully broken my heart
which is another thing you promised never to do
but i guess neither of us could ever promise that
it shouldnt hurt this much but im not a strong person
well not as strong as i once claimed to be
you've proved me wrong in that catagory
i fell in love with everything about you
i guess she saw it to
the difference is she can be there everyday and night
i guess it was kind of stressfull being with me
when you didnt have to be
well i wish you the best and nothing less
so have a good life and when you remember me
i hope you remember how i made you my world
and i hope that she only calls when she needs something from you
instead of the times i called u just to say I love you baby
i hope you miss me every time you look into her eyes
and by then I hope i can say that Im over you
at least enought to know not to take you back

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wrote this a while back..

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