a love unrestrained

March 3, 2010
By kid-hero BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
kid-hero BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Our souls met under crystal ocean skies,
as vagrant as we were, our bodies could not be parted
even in sleep when death beckoned us to never wake.
As storms raged and suns blazed,
lovers dared not to separate through pain and pleasure
despite the expense of destruction.
When madness threatened our weak minds,
our hearts retaliated in fury
like Spartans in the heat of battle.
Once time ceases, planets shall darken and fall,
and our vibrant sun will be extinguished;
however, an ill-fate is not what we will reach
because beyond this universe is a realm
where our souls will become one with light
and darkness in the face of eternity.

The author's comments:
I can only imagine how love is truly like.

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