When i was small.

March 3, 2010
when i was small
i didnt mind
my hair being messy
my shoes with no shine

when i was little
i didnt know pain
i only knew laughter
and dancing in the rain.

when i was small
and so out of touch
in my own little world
that i loved so much.

when i was little
everyone got along
but now that im older
everyone's so alone.

When i was small
things we're so simple
with my smile so bright
and my troubles minimal

i miss being little
and dreaming to be big
but id give anything to be little
to smile as i once did.

id give anything to be small
with blinded knowledge they hold
but unfortuantly im not little nor blind
what i see is pain, in a world so cold.

i miss being little
with no stress at all
but unfortunetly im not little
im no longer small.

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