When I Died

March 3, 2010
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I know I left too soon,
I know I should have stayed,
While looking up to the moon,
I guess I should have prayed.

Mommy always said to,
It would pay off later.
But from what God did to me,
He seems like just a traitor.

I can't remember what it was,
Most of it's just a blur,
A scary man in the house,
Then suddenly a lil' mur...

I heard my door open up,
I thought Daddy came to see,
But the man wasn't Daddy,
And that really frightened me.

The man had something shiny,
He held it in his hand,
I wasn't sure what it was,
But I think now I understand.

I tried to scream for Mommy,
But the man got me first,
I remembered scraping my knee,
This cut hurt so much worse.

Daddy says God saves people.
So why am I now dead?
If God really saved people,
I'd be sleeping in my bed.

Mommy's been sad since I left,
I just hate when Mommy cries,
Crying is natural I guess,
Whenever someone dies.

God, how could you do this?
I thought I was a good kid,
And now my mommy hates you,
Because of what you did.

Why does my heart bleed
From something you should have stopped,
After I felt the pain,
The knife simply dropped.

Why couldn't I live?
Oh why couldn't I stay?
And why in Heaven's name,
Did you let that man get away?!

Now Mommy's angel is dead,
And Daddy will be sad,
I don't like you God.
You're not good, you're bad.

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