School Lunch

March 3, 2010
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Dear Mrs. Bethany,

I’ve got a bone to pick with you,
Today at lunch,
A dastardly deed was pulled under my feet.
The fries were floppy,
The burgers were bland,
Why even the plates leave a smell on your hand.

But I had no idea,
About the milk in my hand,
The carton was moist,
The mouthpiece looked chewed,
It felt luke-warm, greasy, and full of goop.

I wanted to be sure,
So I checked out the date,
And it turned out to be positive,
Not a day too late.

I made it mouth borne,
Ready to chug,
But what came out,
Was either more or less,

What dripped out was a despicable sight,
First came out yellow liquid with snowflakes on-site,
Down came the curds…

The Milk Was Overdue…
Daniel V.

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