Nights light.

March 3, 2010
By HannahA BRONZE, Hyde Park, Vermont
HannahA BRONZE, Hyde Park, Vermont
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Stormy winds
i throw up my hood
look down remember my sins
the rumples in my sleeve
bring back rumpled memories
try to bring a new day
but a new day always has more struggles
feeling like a stray
don't stay
darling you will be thrown away
laying with the rest
i always thought u would make it
but i guess even your soul couldn't take it
don't look back you can make it
forget about the rest
you were the only one
who may of completed the test
this isnt over keep climbing
just pull to the top you will be the one shining
ill be looking up
remember what i did
why did i do this
i'm just a kid
but when i look around i realize it wasn't just me
but no ex-use
why couldn't i of been like you...
there could of been too
just remember they still love you.

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