Look a little deeper

March 3, 2010
On the surface is that what matters
when you look though describe what you see. A girl with dark brown hair, brown eyes. a normal girl with no worries.

Look a little deeper now what do ou see, past the clothes and makeup look deeper inside. you see something you didnt expect.

A little girl who is scared, she has a tear stained face deep sad brown eyes, a look on her face that says help.

You see a girl trying to reach out but she's too scared. She's been let down her whole life so what's the point really?

Next time you take a look at a girl who looks brave and carefree take a second look and look a little deeper.

Soon you'll see what she sees, a scared little girl who is sad and afraid, who trys to cover it up but can't because it tears her apart slowly every minute.

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INnaturegirl said...
Mar. 19, 2010 at 6:58 am
i love this so much
it reminded me of myself a lil
~great job love :D
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