Best Friends

March 2, 2010
By SilverDancer2991 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
SilverDancer2991 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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I'm not an artist
I can't draw a likeness
Of my best friend
I looked at this page
And wanted to draw her
With a huge smile
And me behind her
Eyes laughing and happy
As the sun streamed down
In golden rays of light
And rainbows forming
In the spray of sprinklers
I wanted to draw us
With wet clothes clinging
To still childlike bodies
The little beads of water
Clinging to our faces
Dripping streams
From scarless arms

I want to draw her
With her long auburn hair
Her vivid hazel eyes
With the little green specks
Well, maybe I couldn't draw that
I want to hold her image
See my best friend
Running by my side
Frozen in time as happy

Or maybe I'd draw us
At lunch in the bathroom
Putting on makeup
Right before we ate
Sitting on the sinks
Talking about who knows what
Smiling and laughing

Maybe I'd draw us in McFee's class
Passing notees in a dark room
Lit by the overhead light
In neat rows of desks
Her sitting two seats back
In the next row over
Leaning forward with the note
Folding neatly in half
And me turned to face her
Yes, I'd like to draw that

Or maybe I'd draw us at the Y
With the white snow
Encompassing our bundled bodies
Writing our names
In the crytalized rain
And below that we write
"Best friends forever"

I long to have that skill
To take a pencil and sketch
A memory so I forever remember
The one person I love
More than anyone else
I'd capture every moment
Every memory of us
So I never forget who we were

The author's comments:
I miss those days when everything was simple...

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