The One Being I Need

March 2, 2010
By monique hernandez BRONZE, Sylmar, California
monique hernandez BRONZE, Sylmar, California
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The wind blows through the embers of life. Each representing hope and dreams and everything. I follow my heart in many ways, one is longing for love, the other longing for my solitude. I am a vast plain of golden meadows and arctic tundras. My spirit is a wild wind exploring the Earth’s vast plains hoping to stop at a place where it feels right and at home. Am I searching for myself or am I searching for the others around me? But I long for myself, the one being I don’t get. I use the axe cutting through tall leaves of grass but being careful enough not to cut too close, for if I do there is no turning back time. Time is limited and when searching for the one nest to settle in I can’t give it any reason to spread farther than I let it. I wonder through darkness and light but the darkness has more power and control, my mind and spirit taking them into the night. I sometimes long for the light but it’s hard to escape the evil of black. When I reach the gleam of brightness I am able to sore to the next plain. My mind is now set lose and I am able to let go of darkness. The harsh winds get stronger every second but I carry on for hope of still trees and concrete grass. But I notice soon rather than later that all I need is the care and love from life. My true love. My one and only. I notice that life is all I need to survive not where I am but how I live it.

The author's comments:
Well this poem is about everything, love, depression, myself, and how i need to find the real me. It talks about how I'm alone in the world and I'm searching for one thing. But then I realize that Mauricio is all I need. He's represented as life.

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