Red Means Go

March 2, 2010
By SilverDancer2991 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
SilverDancer2991 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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I live in a world
Where green means stop
And red means go
Yellow has no meaning
No one ever says
Slow down young lady
You're going too fast
Theres no warning
Between stop and go
I simply run as fast as I can

Theres no speed limit
No speedometer to check
Running down the street
Something changed the light
And now its green

I stop on the dime
I stop on the quarter
I stop on the damn dollar
Try as hard as I may
I can't stop the change

Everything in me shreiks
Everything's everything is silent
Its too loud with all this silence
Its too quiet with all this noise
I can hear my thoughts
I can't hear myself think

Green orbs glow
And everything ceases to move
I watch the change roll
I feel the time passing
Green orbs glow red

The sky is dark
Glittering with the stars
The sun casts its golden light
What a wonderful day
The sky is too bright
The moon dances among
The puffy white clouds
What a dismal night
The sun is the night
The moon is the day
But the sun is the day
And the moon is the night

Everything I've known
To be honest and true
Turned out to be opposite
Reality turns to fantasy
Lies become truths
Day turns to night
Right is left
And wrong is right
The sea is dry
And the desert moist
Blind people see
Deaf people hear
And red means go

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