Musical Lightning

March 2, 2010
By DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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The deaf man roams the streets
His eyes on the sky
Darkness is stretching far and wide
The first white hits the menacing world
And the deaf man is at peace
The lightshow displayed at his face
Entrances his mind
The splendor spreads into his imagination
And he drifts home on a boat of calamity

Description of a self
Hardens the expression on faces
And digs into secret file cabinets
Stored in a soul
It eats the brains
And squishes all the knowledge
Into a vast turmoil of living printers

Lightning white
Tends to be a stagnant neutral
It floats from airspace to seas
In a swift blink of an eye
Yet it's generally jaded
From the day-to-day activities
It begs the nature to entertain it with
Puzzles, games, symbols, and secrets
But all it receives
Is the age-appropriate sidewalk

Lightning white
Can blast emotions
It startles dispositions
And zaps innocence
It overcomes walls
And vanquishes delusions
It creeps in dormancies
And billows dreams
Though it saves its best
For never

Lightning white
Has a little touch of every color
Concentrated into itself
It walks in Blue Suede Shoes
It says Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
It plays in Purple Rain
It blows up 99 Red (Luft) Balloons
It bangs on a Green Tambourine
It lies on Violet Hill
It studies Evolution Orange

Lightning white
Illuminates dark skies
It stands out among
The trillions of diverse stars
Showing confidence in its crusades

Lightning white
Finds truths in a field of falsehoods
It discovers the unknown
Under invisible crevices
And within immense chasms

Lightning white
Excites the dull rainy days
It ebbs away at sadness
And sparks an interest or distraction
In order to animate a monotonous atmosphere

Lightning white
Is a lonesome flicker
Of crowded emptiness
So unique
It can find no true companion
Sure, it can be friends with the cloud
But the cloud controls it
Sure, it can be friends with the sky
But the sky displays it
Sure, it can be friends with the ground
But the ground always gets hurt
Sure, it can be friends with the wind
But the wind just blows through
It tries to find the others
But they're just so far away

Lightning white
Is me

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