At worlds end...when life seems so impossible.

March 2, 2010
By ElementSe7en! BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
ElementSe7en! BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Many people would say when asked "What is a great life to you?", various examples that included materialistic, capitalist,

I Conclude today, that a great life is full of surprises....

A Great Life is full of struggle and a sense of meaning...

A great life is leading you up...up... the staircase of life

which in the end propels you to a high goal in the summit.

A great Life must be full of fighting and contrast......

it must be full of sadness and oppression...

It must be full of pain and misery

It must be filled with an enlightenment and a disappointment

It must be filled with Loss and deception

It must be filled with your darkest deepest fears conjured up and brought to realization

It must shock and electrify your body and soul with images, feelings, and thoughts of immediate and slow piercing blunt truth.

The truth is what separates the people who live life and the people who LIVE life.

But why you ask????!!!


The good things in life are assimilated absorbed and processed much much sweeter within you,

it pushes you to strive to be the best you can be out of yourself

a great life is full of failure and accomplishment.

over a lifetime... to overcome things.....

to learn to live.
to cry.
and laugh.
to choke.
to breathe.
to win.
to lose.
thats the definition of a great life.

living and experiencing everything in all aspects and angles life has to offer.

Life is beautiful... one can spend it doing monotonous repetitive task throughout life.

Keeping with society and its damned normality's

or you can see how everything the world, this life, has to offer is a gift...a gift you must never take for granted, because no matter how bad you have it, someone else in the world has it much much worse than you. You can whine and complain but you have shoes, you have clothes, you have food, you have heat, you have a shelter, you have clean water, you have money, you have school, you have friends, you have health, you have a future, you have technology, you have....hope.

A good life rest in the mind and soul of the individual possessing them. You can choose to the spiraling path society expects from you. Or

you can defy all odds and expectations, you are the one in charge, NO ONE in the world can hold you back. NO ONE.

You dont need the world, but the world needs you.

A great life, what is a great life?

To die and to live

Thats the epitome of a Great life

The author's comments:
This is my philosophical point of view for living, because no matter how hard my life has ever gotten i've never given up. Even if the entire world has crumbled around me and i'm internally and externally in critical condition I follow this mindset to push me to my limits. Some might say its harsh. But life is harsh and reality hurts, therefore a motivational Free verse poem to express yourself about this must be equally as harsh and really hurt and set in.

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