The Pillow

March 2, 2010
By matthew goldstein BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
matthew goldstein BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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The Pillow

The fluffy white pillow cries and cries
His tears come out nonstop
He has no owner, no home to speak of
All of his friends have come and gone
He is left in a department store
His cries wake up the lawn mowers
Basketballs, and tennis rackets

He wonders if he will ever leave
If he will ever make it to the outside world
He has heard stories before
Of the bright stars
The navy blue sky
But they are only stories he has heard
Only dreams he has dreamt

He looks around the dark, empty store
The familiar garden equipment where the adults always are
The recognizable basketballs and other sport necessities where kids spend their time
They throw around the balls looking so happy
The pillow wonders
He wonders if he will ever be able to smile
If he will ever be able to be happy

Soon the pillows cries stop
He slowly dwindles to sleep
Then “BOOM”
The pillows eyes open wide
He looks around
He sees the sun rising ever so slowly
The store is opening
It was the manager opening the doors

The day starts slowly like usual
The lights turn on in unison
Employees flood into the store one by one
Lawnmowers, footballs
Baseballs, basketballs
Each and every one wakes up
Ready to start a new day

The pillow then looks to the front of the store
The first customer walks in
She looks emotionless
She looks like a woman of a mission
Soon enough the next customer walks in
Then another
Soon enough the store is filled

The pillow once again looks around
He sees the basketballs, baseballs, and footballs
The lawnmowers, rakes, and shovels

Then he hears the everyday sounds
The customer’s shoes clapping on the ground
The people voices, soft and loud

Then the pillow wonders if today will be the day
The day that he is finally purchased
The day he finally finds a home
With this thought a smile slowly creeps across the pillows face
It was the first time he had smiled in recent memory

And it felt great

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