March 1, 2010
By Krystin BRONZE, Ahwatukee, Arizona
Krystin BRONZE, Ahwatukee, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
~Smile whenever you never know who might be falling in love with it~

People often say that life is just something we pass through to get to Heaven.
But I just don’t agree…
Remember that year when your mom passed on; you were seven.
Your mom wanted to be alive, don’t you see?
In life, you will meet so many different faces,
But the one you will be looking for will be your one true love.
The one you will spend your life with, no matter what they look like,
No matter if they have glasses or braces.
When you kiss him, you will know your mom approves when you look up above.
Eventually, when you’re happily married,
You are going to want to have kids.
You wanted all girls, but they varied.
Your little girl only wants to please you, so she sometimes fibs.
You eventually grow old and sick,
But at least you know that your little girl is there for you;
And so is your precious son Nick.
You flashback to when you heard Sarah’s first sound; ooh
You know you are going to die now.
So as you say your final goodbyes,
You wonder how time flew by so fast; wow!
You said your last words; the last thing you remember seeing were your daughter’s teary eyes…

The author's comments:
I was thinking about how my mom didn't really live out a full i wanted to write this(:

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