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March 1, 2010
By Tiffany Beggs BRONZE, Keosauqua, Iowa
Tiffany Beggs BRONZE, Keosauqua, Iowa
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L means lose, because people are not always there, the people that go behind your back not feeling as if you belong. No one can control life; you can’t even control your own. L also means listen, always listen to your heart and don’t give up for what you dream. Listen to those sounds out in the world for a moment and you will see what life brings you or for what may come.

I means invisible, acting if you weren’t there, trying to cover up your true self. Trying to like someone and that never notices you. I also means irresponsible saying that you go on the wrong path and when you find out it is the wrong path you don’t turn back, so you follow the crowd and feel as if you’re dead in the world alone by yourself waiting for someone to take you away from the darkness.
F means family, your family can be the greatest one you can think of, but deep down in the heart of your family there are many complications and many more to come. A family member can make a bad choice and go on the wrong path, help them coast back to the path that is right. Although they might not want to go and they feel as if they belong with the wrong force of humanity, keep trying. F also means friendship, once you find someone that doesn’t mean you can’t lose them; it means be careful you don’t know you can steal them from your heart. You may have the closest friend, and one day they just disappear and go on another path. Who can stop them, no one, but themselves?
E means elements, which are the four elements; earth, water, fire, and air, because nature is the whole reason why we are here on this planet. You can pollute the air, but the alliance is strong. The Wise Beings of those times saw themselves as a reflection of the universe. They studied the stars and nature, and used the information they gleamed, as a method of understanding their Creator and themselves. All of us now live amongst nature, even those in towns and cities, and most of us are quietened by walking in the countryside or along the seashore.

The author's comments:
This is what I feel that what is life and it comes from the bottom of my heart.

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