A Mocking Bird

March 1, 2010
A quiet day, so crisp and cool
A mocking bird rests by a pool
A song it set loose to the wind
Blossoming hope which swells within

To lift a hand against this bird
Would surely be a thing unheard
For sinful would it ever be
To strike down that, which should be free

How could it go so far awry
To reach a point where any guy
Is not convicted for a sin
But, for the color of his skin

It's overlooked not many see
Save the strength of youthful glee
For blinded by our ignorance
We judge not by the evidence

When we grow old, old in our age
Biased we turn, quick to disgrace
Eager to stand, tall for your cause
When for your cause, the morning lost

It's only through a child's eyes
We convict not straighten to demise
But, rather weight the facts that be
And take in mind that which we see

So better it is to be a child
When thoughts are free, so meek and mild
When troubles fall, and stirving cease
And suddenly we are left with peace

Peace that wouldn't raise a hand
against a mocking bird so grand
But, rather leave it sing so free
A child, would surely leave it be

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