My Sister's Death

March 1, 2010
By hikari115634 BRONZE, Lansing, Illinois
hikari115634 BRONZE, Lansing, Illinois
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I saw it
I saw everything
I heard it
I heard everything
She was my age
She was 17
She was driving
She looked both ways
He didn’t
He blew the red light
We were hit head on
He got out of the wreck
Before we stopped dying
The car rolled
Metal scrapped against Earth
She screamed
I cried
We stopped
Glass everywhere
Blood everywhere
I had nothing bad
I had a broken leg
And a cut on my face
Across my eye
She screamed from far away
The car was there
Across from me
The window
The one where I sat
Was busted and bloodied
Flames crawled to her
She couldn’t move
She screamed for help
She burned
I heard
I watched
I smelled
The medics moved me
The driver had a scratch
He was drunk
I was sober
I would never see out of my eye again
She was sober
She would never see anything
Never breath
Never laugh
Never see her family
Why did she die?
Why was I allowed to live and breathe?
Why did he drink and drive?
What would I tell our friends?
What would I tell her family?
He was laughing
I was crying
He would forget
I would relieve until I died
He lost his license
I lost my best friend
My sister
Save a life
Don’t drink and drive
Perhaps we would be
Laughing right about now….

The author's comments:
this is for the month of may. people are out partying for prom and graduation from all over. this is to warn people not to drink and drive. it did not happen to me, but i know people who it has happened to, and the loss they feel from it.

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