I See In You

March 1, 2010
By mchesebro SILVER, Wayland, Michigan
mchesebro SILVER, Wayland, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
When you reach the point where you'd rather be awake and with her, because she is so much better than anything you could ever hope to dream...you know something is right. by me =]

A cool autumn night, touched with a breeze..
Sparkling dewdrops, on moonlit trees leaves..
A bright and bold sun, beginning to rise..
These things I see, captured in her eyes...
But even a sunrise, beautiful and true...
Could never compare, to what I see in you..
So tonight as I lay, My head bowed, I pray..
I pray you might feel this way too..

The author's comments:
Another for my incredible girlfriend =]

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