March 1, 2010
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In a room where it's dark, cold, and quite, I sit alone.
Although it's dark, I can see my breath as I breath.
Although it's quite, I hear voices,
Voices in my head.

A door is opening and light is shining threw.
A figure stands in the doorway, blocking some light from coming in.
And I am not alone.

The stranger takes one step in,
Shutting the door behind her.
A few more steps are taken by this stranger.
Until she is directly in front of me.

I look up,
Only to hear breathing.
Not just mine, but hers as well.
She sits.
And we both stare.

I am not alone.

Fire stares to burn as a match is set.
A candle lit and I can see.
I can see the stranger.
She's staring at me.

The room gets lighter and i see more.
The room is moving and i can hear it now.
Red walls moving inward and outward.
It seems like the room is talking now. Saying "thump thump. Thump thump."

I realize now that the stranger is me.
I've become lost and my world's gone black.

This room that me and Myself are standing in is my heart.
Which has become darkened, Filled with hatred.
I don't know when it changed, but it has.
The heart that used to be filled with love and joy is now replaced with hate and anger.

As I see what has happened, I start to disappear.
The room is darkened again
and I am alone once more.

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