Tired Of It

March 1, 2010
Whenever I'm around you I feel as if I could cry,
Thinking that there was no real happiness at all.
Every morning I think of a thousand reasons to be happy,
But out of all of them, none was for you...not even one.

The feeling of the first time you held me disappeared,
As well as with my smiles and laughs that came along with it.
Now I just feel like I have to pretend..to carry your burdened love,
My smiles and laughs turned to falseness as the weeks went on with you.

Every day my friends would ask what's wrong and why are you so upset,
And all I would reply was it's nothing or I just don't feel good today.
I wonder if I was truly happy with you even from the very beginning,
Or did I just date you for what I thought would be smiles instead or cries?

Thinking to myself if you say you truly loved me then why did you cheat,
Making me feel like I was nothing or just not good enough for you nor anyone else.
Why do you pull those guilt trips every time I try to say it's over,
And think I would just melt in your arms and apologize for my stupidity.

You always make me feel like I was nothing and never will be anyone,
Always ignoring me and hanging out with your stupid friends.
As I sit at lunch talking to my friends about how worthless you were,
Though I never wanted to believe them for one second.

I had stuck up for you and lost some friends on the way,
And all you have to say is that you were sorry then go skip gaily to your friends.
When I needed you the most as I was crying my dear heart out,
You just left me there all vulnerable and thinking I wasn't important enough.

But I'm tired of crying over someone who didn't really love me at all,
I'm tired of wasting my time thinking I wasn't good enough for you.
So the doubts and the tears stops right here and right now,
Because you and I both know that we are going to move on so why not start now.

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SophiaCross said...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 9:42 pm

I personally love this.


& kudos to you for moving on. Guy sounds like a scumbag. :)

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