Can He Feel It?

March 1, 2010
My pulse racing beneath his gentle touch?
Or the fire that spreads across my skin wherever he touches it?
Does he notice the flush of my skin when he lays his hand
On my cheek?
When he kisses me, does he notice that
He just made me forget how to breath?
Or how my mind goes blank under his
Deep, gentle gaze?
Does he see how I can't keep my balance around him,
Or how I feel so safe in his arms?
Can he see how easily I laugh around him,
How easily I flush?
Can he ever know how everything reminds me of him?
Can he feel the butterflies in my stomach,
In my heart,
Take off and soar when his arm
Finds it's way around my waist?
Does he hear my heart stutter, race, and stop
When he touches my neck,
Or brushes my hair out of my eyes?
Do I make him feel like this, too,
Or is it something new?
Does he feel the same way I do?

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