Anarchy in the Soul 2

March 1, 2010
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Bring me reason,
Reason for vengeance.
No escape, not this time.
Your heart is in a vice,
Like you were mine,
And I won't let go until it screams.

I am a virus,
Infecting your soul,
Everything you are I see now.
A manipulative temptation.
Nothing more you can hide.
Inhale the betrayal.
Behold the invasion.
Does the tension fill your lungs?
Will they collapse,
Under the weight of your actions?

With nothing to lose.
No longer controlled,
No more ball and chain.
Deserved revenge,
I am coming for you,
Like the reaper for the departed.

State of mind,
I have never felt so torn,
I loath, I regret, I feel,
I love you.
The chilly moon shines a light,
In this room,
Where I plan what action to take.
Insomnia stains my eyes,
Black holes so emotionless.
The room is loud with screams,
I find them to be mine,
And I can't stop.

It strikes like a cobra,
Venom through my veins,
So ice cold,
so unforgiving.

Grab him by the neck,
Here in the snow,
This is my reaction,
This is the killing blow.
I am afraid,
Like you wouldn't believe.
I'm not who I was,
This, I perceive.
A monster lay here,
Staring you down.
As you shed that final tear.
The tears of a clown.
You smile in the light,
But you sit,
In that same room,
Holding your slowing heart,
Sensing the doom.

That wasteland of a city,
In your heart,
Survivors crawl across the street.
The last amount of hope you have.
And I, the anarchist,
Walk by them,
Finishing their lives.
I roam free where mayhem rests.
The tower, where your soul hides,
Is in sight.
Run forever, my friend.
I will find you soon enough.

If I was your lover,
We could have stood on the world,
And watched it shatter under our feet.
Now I hunt down your spirit,
To let you feel how I feel.
Every day I see you,
Every day you see me,
I smile a sinister smirk,
You pretend you don't see.
Which just fuels my bad intentions.
I won't enjoy this,
But I'll love it when you feel...

How I feel....
How I fell through the glass,
Into the loving arms of revenge.

How I fell through....How I felt alone...

But I'll love it when you feel.....

The same....pain.

If I was your lover....

Would we stand the test of time?
How will our story end?...

..If I was your lover....

Those sandy beaches,
Now stained with blood.

......A color so elegant..
...The color of a rose.

I climb this giant tower,
Run up the stairs that cave in,
Memories sting me like wind,
Cuts expose themselves so deep,
But I keep pushing.

Proves itself here tonight.
At the top,
I am weak and bruised,
Having remembered the good memories.
No door blocks my path, I step on through.
There you are,
In your bed, covered in those bloody roses.
You rise in a white dress.
I stare with my knife in hand,
My mind in ribbons.
You look at me with eyes, melancholy.
I walk to you slowly.
I put the knife to you,
And I move the hair from your face,
The blade rubs against your cheek,
I sniff your hair,
Still the same smell of deception.
I savor the close embrace,
I...can't move..
As if you still have power over me,
As if I still love you...
You take the knife from my hand,
And you kiss me on my pale cheek,
You whisper in my ear,
One last time,
And you stab me,
Real tears stream from your face,
You hold me in your arms,
I am limp, heavy there.
You take me to the window,
I am thrown over, so far down.
Thrown back into the darkness,
Back where I belong.
It was funny,
What you whispered,
"I won't enjoy this,
But I'll love it when you feel...
....The same pain."

If I was your lover,
We could have stood on the world,
And watched it shatter under our feet.
But now I fall from it,
Shadows come to grab me,
They say they have come to take me home.
As I fall from the tower of your coward soul,
I look to the skies and see you,
Staring down at me.

I have hit the sick floor.
The shadows gather around,
They step in my blood.
Your tears hit my face,
My still face.
You climb over your window,
You stand at the edge of it,
And you spread your arms and soar down.
Soar down into the darkness...
Soon you reach me, here, on the cold ground.
You wrap your arms around me as you fade away.

We are together,
Why have you chosen this?
The eternal time of shadows.
I have succeeded,
Anarchy's in your soul.
And anarchy has crushed it,
On your own terms.
The silhouettes grab us both,
They close our eyes and pray,
They leave this realm,
And take us to that room.
Where the only light that shines is the moon.

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