My Wish

March 1, 2010
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You are my light.
and since you are my light,
you gave me a pocketful of wishes.
Every day, when I’m down,
I take out a wish…
And wish to have an image of you.
You pop into my head,
as that wish that I’m holding dear
between my little fingers lights up,
and reads, “Dreams come true.”
But, when I read it, I can’t help but think,
"That’s wrong."
Because – you see –
I made a wish when I was five,
asking for a prince on a noble steed to come
and take me away; so we could live happily ever after
and I’d be that princess that I’ve always
Wanted to be since
I was little.
But it didn’t come true;
Because I got more than a prince in
shining armor. I got a man who loves me,
who cherishes me, and when I think
of him always making me
feel like I am that
And he doesn’t
need a crown,
or some horse,
and he doesn’t even need
A sword. So, whether
I got my wish
to come true or not –
You make that decision.

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