Caterpillar Graveyards

March 1, 2010
By Rebeccah Pope BRONZE, Phoenix, New York
Rebeccah Pope BRONZE, Phoenix, New York
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The sleepy months of winter have ended, the sun is waking up
but you're still asleep in my head, along with summers and things left unsaid
it'd be a mistake if I were to wake them up, to even dare think of what was
It's so hard not to remember the warmth of the sun on our sandy feet,
reminding us of people we used to be
I remember certain walks and long talks
where you'd tell me stories of how you got high, and I'd listen
We'd walk through caterpillar graveyards to dance on railroad tracks
and watch the ripples in the water
This summer the water will lay still like glass causing me to recall my past
I'll wish you'd take me down to that broken bridge like before
lean me up against the stones and kiss me
we'd lean up against the graffiti wall again
and think of all the people who've done the same
I'd watch you skip rocks and you'd teach me how
you'd tell me more stories, and I'd listen
we'll watch the river move underneath us
and we'll think the same thoughts
and feel the same feelings
the way we used to
we'll have that unspoken realization
that nothing could be better than this
and we've found our logical reason to live
so take me down to the broken bridge and kiss me like you once did
let's forget the past year and all the stupid tears
wake me up, I'm dreaming
theres no way we can escape that feeling
but this summer I'll keep you sleeping
alone in my head
because to live in the past would waste so much time
time in which I have to be alive.

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