How Did You Sleep?

March 1, 2010
By JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
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They’re under my bed, they’re there, oh I swear!
Monsters exist, and they live right in my room.
There is one who dwells under my bed
With sharp, sharp teeth and floor-length hair
One lives in my closet, deep in the dark
His eyes glow red and his body is green
Where he goes, a trail of slime follows
There is another one I call shark
He lives in the fish tank and swallows my fishes whole
His teeth are sharp as razors, his eyes as black as sin
His shadow covers my wall, and taunts me all night long
Sometimes I lay awake for hours, fear eating at my soul
Sometimes I fall asleep at once, safe in my monstrous hell
Now I know what you’re thinking, I do, I do
Safe? How can I be safe when monsters lurk all around?
Well, let me tell you how: their protection keeps me safe and sound
I’d rather live with my monsters than deny that they exist
I’d rather accept them than live in a false ballyhoo
So when my mother wakes me in the morning
And asks the daily question, “How did you sleep?”
I always answer that I slept well
Safe and sound in my nightly hell

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