Darkness Falls

March 1, 2010
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I'm very sad right now.
I was blamed again,
because I didn't know how,
because I couldn't win.
I wish that I could call her,
but somtimes she's not in the mood.
And if I catch her at the wrong time,
she'll only make me brood.
I could call him,
if we weren't on bad terms.
He'd listen to my cries,
not avoid me like a germ.
And now I'm out of people,
there's no one else to call.
I'm alone and I am suffering,
my heart has taken a fall.
I'm in a glass cage looking
out on those outside,
I see that they are laughing
at the secrets that I hide.
The walls are closing in,
there's no way to escape
from this horrid nightmare,
the darkness seals my fate.

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