March 1, 2010
One moment I want this,
The next I want that,
I don’t know who is making these decisions,
I want to do this alone,
But I’m still attached to the strings,

Everyone pulls and tugs,
And I do their will,
I’m just a little puppet,
Moving with the strings.

I know I should cut these strings off,
But what if when I cut them,
I fall limp to the ground all alone,
I don’t even know what I want anymore,
My whole being is controlled by the strings.

They all take their turns pulling my strings,
I am so used to it that sometimes,
I actually think I moved on my own,
Please someone cut the strings.

I would like to tell you,
I do want I want,
Because I want to,
But I prefer to be honest
I do what the people with the strings want,
Because they want it,
Strings, strings go away your not wanted anymore.

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