The Angel

March 1, 2010
The sense of dread is overwhelming
The depression is setting in
Who will love me now?
The darkness is sweeping through
I don't know which way to turn
I'm just wandering aimlessly
Blind by my own confusion
Panic is now the object of my mind
I hear a cold, cruel laugh and I run
I don't know where I'm going
For the darkness gets darker
But I run fast, as fast as I can go
I hear my heart beating in my chest
A coldness drifts through my body
I collapse as my lungs give way
The pressure was closing in
I can't breathe so I know it's the end
I give up fighting for air; I stop struggling to get up
I just lay there knowing I'm going to die
I stare blankly at the darkness about to consume me
This was the end and I was not scared
I was glad that the pain would be gone
I won't have to feel the pain of loss anymore
Always the feeling I was falling and can't get up
I closed my eyes waiting for death to come
I opened my eyes, blinded not by the dark but by light
I lay there confused, not sure if I was dead or not
I stared at the blinding light, not in pain but in wonder
All the despair, pain, and dread left me
I slowly sat up, wondering how I was alive
I stared at the beautiful man in front of me
So beautiful, so godlike, so unreal
The light was coming from him
He smiled and all doubts left me
He was my savior, my angel
Nothing bad would ever happen again
I was not alone anymore
He had come to save me and succeeded
I no longer felt the despair
I no longer felt the pain, the doubts, the depression
I was loved and I was in love
Nothing would worry me anymore
So long as he stayed; And I knew he would
I looked in his eyes and they held the truth
I was never going to be alone again
He held me close
And I knew that the loneliness would never again bother me
For I had what I wanted, what I needed
A companion, the love of my life
I will forever be his, and he mine

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