I'll Always Love You

February 28, 2010
By , Shoreline, WA
Dear Grandpa,
I miss you so much
And I didn’t think it was possible
But I’m pretty sure that my heart is broken

You were always there for me
To teach me about life
You knew everything from gardening to cars
You were so smart and so wise

Every time I failed
You were there to catch me
At every gymnastics meet
Always supporting me

Even though you were so frail and thin
Appearance isn’t everything
I knew that you were strong and brave
You fought till the very end

I remember everything about you
The garden smell on your plaid shirt was so comforting
Your hands were wrinkled and soft
I loved it when you hugged me and squeezed me tight

We had so much fun together
I miss all those great times
You really opened up my eyes
To the world around me

I can never go bowling again
You never finished teaching me
I’m scared to walk through the woods now
Because you’re not there to hold my hand

I wish you were still here
To see me grow up into an adult
I still need you to help guide me
I always will I hope you know

I know I was lucky to have you for so long
But why did you have to go?
You may have been ready
But I will never be ready to let go

I’m taking care of grandma for you
She misses you a lot
I know your watching over us
Just please don’t ever stop

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