Until I die

February 28, 2010
By , snellville, GA
A note is what I have, and only a note
words on paper, to stay forever
that cause a knot to form in my throat.
To re-read until I cry
I have a single, small. note
A note that says "Until I die"

In his script, In blue pen
on scrap of lined paper
He scrawled his clumsy scrawl then
for when I am asking why
I read what he wrote when
he thought "Until I die"

I don't know where he is
Or if he knows where I am
I don't have anything of his
He has nothing of mine
I only have his last gift
His promise "Until I die"

I have searched for his eyes
for they're the only thing I know
of the man who's tears I cry
When I find him I won't be shy
I'll remind him of his promise,
his words "Until I die"

I may never know his smiling face,
but I will search anyway.
I may never be rewarded,
for the years I've wasted to try.
But i will keep my secret promise,
to search Until I die.

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