February 28, 2010
your legs can take you to a place where you can make your own
a place where tears make music notes

the black colored signs that represent the tone of your breaking heart
orbit around you and make gravity

you float in and out of dreams
in and out of nightmares

through bumpy and broken roads
you encounter every formation of your mental objects

everything makes your head hurt
you grab and pull your hair to make it go away
but the throbbing doesn't stop

the only way to calm the nerves causing your pain is with a rainstorm

lightning screams out the depression
while the raindrops hugs your neglect away

your legs never give up on you
they try to keep your hope alive with every step it takes

the muscle contracts and sends a red fire
a fire that tries to hold you back from getting to your desirable place
but on the contrary you use it as motivation to continue on with your journey

you've taken all the rocks that were being throned at you
this is just one more rock
the one in which you will use to finish of the wall you have built to protect yourself
the wall that will be the door to the place you make your own

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