Cryin' for Us

February 28, 2010
By MissMalaYaj BRONZE, St. Paul, Minnesota
MissMalaYaj BRONZE, St. Paul, Minnesota
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Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

With that one last hug before
we went our seperate ways.
It was the moment I regretted,
all and everything i did.
I told myself it wasn't my fault.
I told myself not to cry over an idiot like you.
I regret listening to my head
and not my heart.
Now it's pouring out.
Everyday I wish for you.
Everyday I feel sorry for myself.
Sorry because I was stupid.
Now I cry all the time over you.
When I saw you the day after
all the things that happened between us, I cried.
I cried because I was a fool.
When I heard I had broken you heart, I cried on and on.
Because this I knew was true.
I had no one to blame but myself.
So all those times I had cried,
I cried beacuse you had done it too, you had broken my heart.
And so my tears fell for our broken hearts.

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